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MemberDate AppointedTerm Expires
Tim Redmond, Chair08/15/198812/31/2020
John St. Joseph, Alternate04/08/201912/31/2021
David Lesperance02/13/201212/31/2021
Frank Perretta02/13/201212/31/2020
Linda Pellett02/13/201212/31/2020
Dean Lichterman03/11/201912/31/2021


The Board of Planning and Development is constituted and empowered as a Planning Board pursuant to General City Law, Article 3. The Board consists of five members, appointed by the Mayor, for such terms as are specified in the General City Law. The Board makes recommendations to the City Manager and the City Council on all matters affecting the physical development of the City. Board members are consulted on the Comprehensive Plan and the implementation thereof.