Application for Septage Receiving Services

The City of Ogdensburg has recently constructed a new waste receiving station at the Water Pollution Control Facility (WPCF) located at 16 Railroad Street, Ogdensburg, NY 13669. The new waste receiving station is a 23-foot by 42-foot single story building located between the primary clarifiers and the gravity thickener. Constructed beneath this building are 3 separate wet wells of varying size and use. Well #1 is designed to store whey and is approximately 19,000 gallons. Well #2 is designed to store leachate and is approximately 11,000 gallons. Well #3 is designed to store septage and is approximately 11,000 gallons. Each of the wells contains a submersible pump which pumps the waste stream into the desired location of the WPCF for treatment. Within the waste receiving building is a series of treatment systems including a rock trap, grinder and screen/compactor which treats the septage prior to entering the septage well. The whey and leachate receive no treatment prior to entering their perspective wells.

The opening of the new waste receiving station will now allow the City to accept septage from outside haulers. To ensure compliance with the WPCF’s State Pollution Discharge Elimination System (SPDES) permit, any outside or hauled waste entering the WPCF must be closely monitored to ensure these waste streams do not contain any substances that could adversely affect the treatment process at the WPCF.

The City is requiring all septage haulers who wish to discharge septage waste at the new facility to complete an Application for Septage Receiving Services, sign the Agreement for Septage Receiving Services and return both of these documents along with the $100 application fee payable to the City of Ogdensburg, by mail to the following attention/address:  Engineering Department, c/o Jennifer Ashley, 330 Ford Street, Suite 6, Ogdensburg, NY  13669.

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