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Maple City Trail

Starting at the Ogdensburg Visitors’ Center, 100 Riverside Ave., the 2.2 mile Maple City Trail winds along the City’s northern shore of the Oswegatchie River, goes up and over the Spring Street Bridge, continues along the southern shore of the river and loops back. 

Along the walking and biking trail, one can see the yellowing of willows, as well as the myriad of colors associated with soft red and variegated maples, oak, hickory, white pine and thorn apple trees that are found throughout the walk.

Don’t forget to look into the flowing water of the Oswegatchie River where you can see a rich abundance of aquatic flowers such as water lilies, duckweed and other water dwelling grasses.

There is also a wide diversity of animals that can be seen during the walk. It’s not rare to see beavers, muskrats, mink, even deer or red foxes during a jaunt along the trail.

Access for the trail can be obtained at the Dobisky Visitors’ Center, from Crescent Street behind the U.S. Post Office, at the old Pumphouse along the Oswegatchie River, at the Maple City Walking Bridge near Hosmer’s Marina on West River Street and at the Spring Street Bridge off Lake Street.